Our Services. Free on-site consultancy available for UK

1. We analyse and document your existing MS Access, VB6, Excel or other system(s) by looking at...

  • Your existing databases / worksheets and code

  • Existing database user interaction

  • Existing Data flow (manual and automated)

  • Existing forms and validation 

  • Existing Data storage and existing data connections such as via DAO or ADO

  • Exising import and export requirements

  • Existing data retrieval requirements (queries and reports)

  • Existing Dashboards, Management Information, pivots, charts, filters etc.

  • Existing calculations and any custom functions

  • Existing Macros, Add-Ins and VBA

  • Existing Forms and underlying VBA

  • Existing Security in place

2. We discuss converting your system(s) to SQL server + ASP.NET to give you...

  • Rich screens built to your exact requirements with enhanced validation and user guidance. 

  • All the benefits of SQL Server such as unlimited storage (access all historic data), quick and efficient data retrieval, Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, Triggers etc.

  • Dashboard based Management Information customised to your exact requirements.

  • Pivots, grids, charts used to simplify/enhance your data gathering and data presentation

  • Reports can be amended by end-users and saved

  • Full security model with auditing

  • Automated feeds to or from other systems 

  • Discuss new features you might want such as automated SMS or email exception reports

3. We Convert and Build

  • We design your new data model and structures based on your requirements with an eye on any future needs

  • We convert your existing data to SQL Server, including any historic data as required

  • We build your screens and reports. You are involved in every step

  • We always Include admin/configuration screens so you can make most changes in-house

  • Includes on screen help, themed and branded user guides and documentation.

  • Can include branded end user training course (CBT or classroom)

  • Full telephone support included

  • Includes free on-site consultancy day(s)

  • If required we can also provide full source code

  • We normally use the tools from DevExpress for rapid, reliable application development

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